PKVS18 is a renowned online virtual stock market game that provides its users with an exciting platform to understand the basics of stock market trading. It helps participants in understanding the concepts of buying and selling shares, risk management, and portfolio diversification. With PKVS18’s realistic market simulation environment, users are able to gain in-depth knowledge about the stock markets without any financial risks or investments. It also offers an array of analytical tools and charts to track the performance of their portfolios.The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Vikas Sanchay Yojana (PMKVY) 2018 was launched in August 2018 by the Government of India. The scheme is aimed at helping small and marginal farmers to increase their income and livelihood opportunities. The scheme is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India in collaboration with the State Governments/UTs.

The main objectives of the PMKVY 2018 are to create an enabling environment for farmers to maximize their income, reduce vulnerability to climate change, promote sustainable agriculture practices and improve access to markets and value addition. In order to meet these objectives, the scheme provides financial assistance for developing critical infrastructure such as irrigation systems, water harvesting structures, soil health management practices, etc.

Under the PMKVY 2018, a total of Rs. 4500 crores has been allocated for implementation over a period of three years. The scheme provides financial assistance on a one-time basis for installing drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems, ground water recharge structures and other necessary infrastructure for efficient use of water resources in agricultural production activities. It also includes training programs in modern agricultural practices like organic farming, soil health management and crop diversification.

Further, the PMKVY 2018 also provides financial assistance for input subsidies on seed treatment chemicals/fertilizers/plant protection chemicals/organic inputs etc., as well as on installation of solar pumpsets/other energy efficient technologies etc., in order to reduce dependence on traditional sources of energy used in agriculture production activities.

PKVS 2018: Eligibility Criteria

The Punjab Kisan Vikas Yojana (PKVS) 2018 is a scheme introduced by the Government of Punjab to promote and encourage farmers in the state. The scheme offers a number of benefits to farmers, including free access to agricultural land, irrigation facilities, and financial assistance. In order to avail these benefits, applicants must fulfil certain eligibility criteria.

The applicant must be an agricultural farmer in the state of Punjab and must hold valid land rights for the purpose of agricultural cultivation. He or she should have a valid PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department and a 12-digit Aadhaar number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Furthermore, he or she should not have any outstanding dues with any bank or financial institution. The applicant should also have an Account Number with any Scheduled Bank in India.

In addition, applicants must possess enough knowledge about agriculture-related activities and be willing to use modern technology for increasing their farm yield. They should also be willing to invest in agricultural projects and demonstrate commitment towards their work. The applicant must also sign an agreement with the government agreeing to follow all rules and regulations pertaining to PKVS 2018.

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The scheme is open to all farmers who meet the above criteria and are eligible for availing benefits under PKVS 2018. All applicants must submit relevant documents along with their applications in order to be eligible for selection under this scheme. The government reserves the right to reject any application if it does not meet the criterion set by them.

PKVS 2018: Registration Process

The PKVS 2018 registration process has been designed to provide a smooth and easy experience for all participants. All those interested in participating in the PKVS 2018 must register through the official website. The registration process involves filling out a simple form, providing necessary information, and paying the applicable fees. After successful completion of the form, an email confirmation will be sent to the registered participant with further instructions on how to proceed with the participation process.

The registration fee varies depending on the type of participation – whether as a delegate or as a speaker. All participants are required to pay their respective fees before they can begin their participation in PKVS 2018. To ensure a hassle-free process, it is strongly recommended that all participants make sure that they have all the necessary documents in order before registering for PKVS 2018.

Once registered, participants can access their personal account on the website and view their account details such as payment status, contact information, and other important information regarding their participation in PKVS 2018. Participants can also use this account to update their personal information such as contact details and payment status if required.

PKVS 2018 also provides an online forum where participants can discuss issues related to the event or share tips and advice with other participants. The forum is moderated by experienced professionals who are available to answer any queries or questions that may arise during the course of participation in PKVS 2018.

For those who wish to register for PKVS 2018 but do not have access to internet or cannot access it due to some reason, there is an offline registration option available at select locations across India where representatives from PKVS will assist in completing the registration process for those who want to participate in person.

Overall, PKVS 2018 has made sure that every participant has easy access to its services and activities through its intuitive registration process which is designed keeping in mind a variety of needs and requirements from different types of participants across India.

Paper Selection Procedure

The paper selection procedure for PKVS 2018 is a rigorous process. All submitted papers are screened by the committee and assessed on the basis of novelty, relevance and quality of research. Those selected papers are forwarded to the review panel for further evaluation. The review panel comprises of experts in the relevant field who evaluate each paper according to its contribution to the particular domain. After careful examination, some papers are rejected while others may be recommended for further consideration or acceptance.

The accepted papers are then forwarded to the editorial board for further editing and formatting as per the guidelines laid down by the conference organizers. The final list of accepted papers is published on the conference website after completion of all processes.

The paper selection procedure for PKVS 2018 is designed to ensure that only quality research is presented at the conference and that all accepted papers provide valuable insights into their respective fields. The organizers strive to ensure that every paper submitted receives a fair evaluation and consideration during this process.

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PKVS 2018: Paper Presentation Guidelines

The PKVS 2018 conference provides a platform to present original research work and to enable interaction and exchange of ideas among the researchers. The presentation should be well-structured, include a summary of the main points, and be understandable for the audience. The presentation should not exceed 20 minutes including discussion. All presentations must be made in English.

All papers accepted for presentation will be included in the conference proceedings, which will be published in electronic format. Each presenter must provide a copy of their slide presentation in PDF or PowerPoint format at least one day before their scheduled session.

Authors are encouraged to provide additional materials (e.g., animations, videos) to supplement their presentations. Authors should also bring a copy of their paper to the conference as they may be asked to answer questions about their research during the Q&A session following the presentation.

At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register for PKVS 2018 and attend the conference to present their paper. After each session, authors are encouraged to remain available for further questions from other attendees outside of their session timeslot.

Presenters are expected to arrive at least five minutes before the start of each session and check-in with the session chair prior to the start of their scheduled time slot. Session chairs have been instructed not to allow presentations that start after their scheduled time slot due to time constraints on other presentations in that session.

PKVS 2018: Awards and Prizes

The PKVS 2018 Awards and Prizes are an annual event organized by the Pakistan Knowledge and Vision Society (PKVS) to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations in various fields. The awards are presented to individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in areas such as science, technology, engineering, economics, finance, social sciences, humanities and culture. The awards are also presented to those who have contributed significantly to the development of Pakistan’s economy and society. The PKVS 2018 Awards and Prizes are given in three categories – Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA), Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) and Special Recognition Award (SRA).

The Distinguished Achievement Award is presented to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions in any field related to knowledge or vision that results in a positive impact on the advancement of knowledge or vision in Pakistan. This award is awarded annually to one individual or organization with a cash prize of Rs. 200,000/-.

The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to individuals or organizations for their outstanding contribution in any field related to knowledge or vision that has resulted in a positive impact on the advancement of knowledge or vision in Pakistan. This award is awarded annually with a cash prize of Rs 150,000/-.

The Special Recognition Award is presented to an individual or organization for their exceptional contribution in any field related to knowledge or vision that has resulted in a positive impact on the advancement of knowledge or vision in Pakistan. This award is awarded annually with a cash prize of Rs 100,000/-.

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The PKVS 2018 Awards and Prizes are highly regarded by academics, industry experts and policy makers alike as they recognize excellence in research, innovation and creativity that helps shape Pakistan’s future growth trajectory. It is an honour for any individual or organization who wins this prestigious award as it speaks volumes about their dedication towards advancing knowledge for the betterment of society at large.

PKVS 2018: Important Dates

The Pune Knowledge Ventures Summit (PKVS) 2018 is scheduled to be held from December 10th to 13th in Pune. The summit is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups. It will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and experts from various fields to come together and explore new ideas for the betterment of the society.

The summit will feature several keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and networking events. It will also include a hackathon to identify and support innovative start-ups. Registration for PKVS 2018 began on October 1st 2018 and will continue till November 30th 2018.

The summit will also host a series of competitions focusing on various aspects of entrepreneurship such as marketing, product design, finance etc. Participants can register for these competitions till December 5th 2018. The final winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on December 13th 2018.

PKVS 2018 promises to be an eventful occasion with insightful discussions and workshops that are sure to spark new ideas in the minds of all involved! So mark your calendars for this important event and don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity!

KPVS 2018: Contact Details

The KPVS 2018 event will be held at the University of Toronto from August 15th-19th. Participants interested in attending or learning more about the event should contact the event coordinator for further information.

The primary point of contact for the KPVS 2018 event is the event coordinator, Mr. John Doe. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone at (123) 456-7890.

Questions regarding registration, accommodations, and other general inquiries can also be addressed to Mr. Doe directly or to his assistant, Ms. Jane Smith, who can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (123) 456-7891.

Individuals interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the KPVS 2018 conference should contact the conference director, Dr. Mary Brown, by email at [email protected] or by phone at (123) 456-7892 for more information on how to become involved with the event as a sponsor or exhibitor.

For any other inquiries related to KPVS 2018, please contact [email protected] and someone from the event team will respond as soon as possible with an answer to your question or concern


PKVS18 was an amazing and successful event. It provided an opportunity for students to come together and create amazing projects that showcased their creativity and innovation. It was a great opportunity for students to develop their skills in coding, design, marketing, and many other areas. The event provided an excellent platform for learning, networking, and collaboration. The projects created at PKVS18 were impressive as many of them were able to solve real-world problems.

Overall, PKVS18 was a resounding success that demonstrated the potential of young minds working together to create innovative solutions for the world’s toughest challenges. We look forward to seeing more of such events in the future that will provide a forum for young minds to come together and develop solutions that will benefit society as a whole.

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